5 Pay Per Click Mistakes That Can Cause You Money In Toronto

There is no doubt that pay per click is one of the fastest ways to drive traffic to your website. Using tools like Google AdWords, yahoo search marketing and more you can display ads in the result section of search engines. You will have to pay each time someone clicks on your ad. Although everything looks simple and attractive, PPC can be risky if not implemented correctly. You can end up spending a lot of money without getting the number of customers expected on your site provided you select the best PPC agency in Toronto.

If you are new to PPC, there is no need to worry because here 5 major mistakes are mentioned which usually people make using google advertising Toronto which usually cost them money instead of providing profit. Learn to run a profitable campaign with practice and research.

  1. Sending visitors to home page

Most of the business owners direct the visitors to home page instead of landing them directly to the product page for which they have posted the ad. Provide the visitor exactly for what he is looking for so that it does not lead to frustration for the visitors.

  1. Sending visitors to contact page

When someone clicks on the ad you posted on search result page, he wants to either gather proper information of the product or service mentioned in the ad or wants to buy it. Select the best PPC agency in Toronto to get proper information. If by clicking on the ad he lands on your contact page where he might have to sign in for newsletter forcefully or do something compellingly, it will hurt your sale.

  1. Posting ads without testing them first

To get the most effective results, split test your ads by creating multiple versions of the text of the ad for each of your PPC ad group. Nearly all PPC engines allow this. So, make use of this tool appropriately and follow the instructions on how to make sure about the ad versions.

  1. Completely depending on broad match keyword ads

Broad match keyword ads offer the greatest traffic potential and are displayed when visitors search for all or part of your keywords. Consult the PPC agency Toronto and set your ads to exact match keywords. This might reduce the size of traffic, but it will make sure that the ads appear for search queries that are relevant for your business.

  1. Avoiding negative keywords

Many people fail to take advantage of the negative keywords. In fact, if you add negative keywords to your PPC campaigns it can help control relevancy without eradicating potential traffic through broad match ads. But to find the negative keywords you will have to devote some time and put in some genuine efforts researching and analyzing things.

Taking help from most suitable PPC agency in Toronto will prove to be highly beneficial and could influence your campaign as well. Advertise smartly and get in touch with Pay per click Toronto so that you take the best advantage of the facilities available today.