Book collage
“Hey Phyllis, did you see how we have to read a book every month in science and social studies class?… do you read a whole nonfiction book every month?  I haven’t really done this before”, said John.

Phyllis smiles, as a wisen reading warrior of eight months in Mrs. Ratzel’s science AND social studies classes.  She slowly shakes her head, remembering back to those August days.  “Well, I was overwhelmed and thought I couldn’t do it.  I thought it was too hard.”

That bit of news made John gulp because it was just the way he was feeling but before he could ask  another question, another girl who was standing nearby spoke up.

Marie quickly said, “No it’s not….we’ve figured a bunch of stuff out for you that will make it easier for you to “get into your nonfiction book” and actually know what it says.” And at this point Marie turns to you…the reader and says…

So it’s your turn to add a bit of advice that we should leave behind for all the incoming 6th graders.  Things we wish someone had been able to tell us.

John nods and says, “Be sure to tell them all about how to overcome the things that frustrated you, stumped you and puzzled you throughout this past year.  You figured out how to get around all these problems and now checking out books has gone from a 3 day process to something you do on the computers in the classroom.”

How do you pick a book for science class from Marsha Ratzel on Vimeo.

From using the online catalog to filling out an inter-library loan slip to following up on the loan book’s arrival at the circulation desk…there’s so much to learn.  Add your best strategy.