Few Common Myths About Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is not only the social evil, but a serious illness that is characterized by very intense and sometimes uncomfortable drug cravings by the person who are used to them. Ranging from alcohol to marijuana, cocaine to heroin, there are number of drugs that have the seducing capabilities and can make the person addict by making him feel light.


Although the drug addiction is common among the adults, but it is not only restricted to adults, but now, drug addiction is equally prevalent among the teens and school child. There could be number of reasons for this, but the one that influence addicts the most, is their social environment.

You might find number of articles and topics on internet related to drug addiction, but I am sure you would not be aware of the myths and misinformation about this social malicious. So, here we are going to discuss most common yet dangerous myths about drug addiction and abuse.

Few Common Myths about Drug Addiction:

Myth #1: Addiction of Drugs can End whenever the Addicts want:

It is just a common myth that we listen and sometimes wonder too by watching an addict that, “why that person won’t stop taking drugs?” well, this is not a conscious choice of the addict to stop using the substance that he is addict to. Often it is thought that person is taking some drugs because it is his choice, well that is true but once he is used to take a drug regularly, he just cannot ignore or get rid of it whenever he wants. There are drug cravings in the body of addict and that causes him to get attracted towards the substance.

Myth #2: People Decide to Get Addicted:

It is another common thought of most of the people that people makes a conscious decision to get addicted. This fact is true for some people and to some extent, but actually not for all. Although using drugs initially is a choice, but not for all the people, as most of the people report that they were being drugged by their peers or friends. So, this doesn’t mean that all the addicts are addict by their choice.

Myth #3: All People That Use Drugs are Addicted:

It is often thought that all people that are using drugs are addicted to them. However, it is not true. The fact is very person react towards the drugs at different dosages and at different states. Some people develop the addiction at their first time use, while some people who keep on using drugs, and never become addicted. However, it is important to check the drug addiction for the users by using the drug testing including saliva drug tests or urine tests.