Jared Leto’s first trust with music

Established by Shannon Leto and Jared Leto, 30 Seconds to Mars was the debut album published by the American rock band of the same name. Released via Immoral records and Virgin Records and produced by Brian Virtue and Bon Ezrin in 2002 this album took around 4 years to get developed. Most songs of this album were composed by Jared Leto who preferred conceptual songs in his album.

The album quickly entered the Billboard 200 listing but was not a great commercial success. The critics easily gave this album a complete 5 star as it was quite positively accepted by the critic communities. In fact, it was this critical acclaim that inspired the band to go on with their albums in the future.

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Conceptualism and the Album

The idea of conceptualism that was preferred by Jared Leto brought the flavor of human experience in the songs of this album. These experiences were explained via metaphors representing men. These singles clearly showed that Leto was hugely inspired by the idea of conceptualism and was thus, one of the best recorded by the band. The songs of this album described the struggle phase of humankind from the present situation to other planets that may offer them the serenity and peace that was long lost on earth.

Critical Appreciation

Although the debut album of the band was quite successfully accepted by the critics and liked by the majority of them, yet certain critics were not overly impressed with the album in general and offered it a medium quality review. For example, Metacritic, could only offer them a point of 49 out of 100 which made it something lower than the average. However, other critics are of the opinion that this album was a perfect work of space opera and applauded the band on the success of motivating sci-fi lyrics and soaring vocals offered by Jared Leto himself. Click All Clip for more information.