Messed Up In Finding Your Youtube Subscribers?

As the World is breathing in a modern age, technology has taken over and keeps improvising with the passage of time. This is no secret that many applications and websites are serving the humanity for different purposes. While sticking to the topic, many people are using these social media platforms to gain attention, prosper their business or advertise. YouTube plays a massive role here, where people are using the platform for all purposes mentioned above.



YouTube has been serving all over the world mainly by entertainment. It is a platform to display content by the people for the people. Different people upload their music videos, movies, funny videos or their daily routines. They were named as YouTubers, which is a symbol of being cool now-a-days, if called that. As YouTube pays for a specific or more than that number of views and subscribers, many have converted to the platform and are earning well. Every kind of content can be found on YouTube, you name it and you will see some results for sure. People deliver fitness trainings, recipes, pet taming, music, academics and much more videos concerned to almost every topic. There are number of videos present there from which one can easily pick the required one.

Less Knowledge of its usage:

People want to showcase their talent and get attracted or followed by the viewers on YouTube. It sounds good to listen but many do not know how to use the website or its application. Being specific, many do not know how many followers do they have and what kind of audience do they have to handle? So the question is that how do you see your subscribers on YouTube?

How do you see your Subscribers on YouTube?

Different gadgets have different ways to do that e.g. if you are a desktop or laptop user, you will have to open the website from a signed-in Google account. Click on your profile picture at the right upper corner, click on creator studio, moving further to community and then to the subscribers. There you can find your subscriber family for your channel.If you prefer it on your android, open the YouTube app, click person silhouette on the right corner of the screen. The next step will demand a click on an inverted triangle sign and then to My Channel. There you are, all the subscribers can be found there.