Cannabis Pizza – Great taste that comes with great experience

Food is the essence of life. We all love foods that are tasty and make us wanting for more. And what could be better than a Pizza? Pizza is on the top charts of any foodie all around the world. The best thing about Pizza is that not only is it delicious, it is also a wholesome food. There are many varieties of Pizzas found all over the world. They come in different flavors, with different bases, but one thing that remains common in all of them is an excellent taste. One such great form of pizza is marijuana pizza.

Marijuana and Pizza – A combination that you can never forget

Marijuana and Pizza, yes, you read it right. Though you may have never heard of this combination before, but you can totally believe when we say that it would be something like you have never tasted before. And the kind of high that you get with it will also be an enjoyable experience. One of the best infused marijuana pizza and baked goods edible company in San Diego in California is Weeza. You can visit their website at

Weezza Pizza – Unparallel taste and quality

Weezza provides the best quality cannabis pizza that has a consistency in its potency and also has an excellent flavor. They are a startup company and have become famous in a very short period of time due to their excellent quality and never ending efforts to satisfy their customers.

Getting stoned with a help of pizza is like a dream come true. It’s like a fantasy that some of us who like marijuana would have. Moreover, it will also be great for your health. The health benefits of marijuana have been proven by research, and combine them with a pizza, you have a tasty food there which not only satisfies your gastronomic senses but also takes care of your health.

So, the next time you have a party with your friends, you do know that you can’t simply miss out marijuana infused pizzas. It will make your party a hit among your friends and you will get all the attention that you have ever wanted to have, and you will surely get popular among all your friends as the new “Marijuana Pizza Guy/Gal”. So, go ahead and enjoy your high with the help of a pie. Try out infused marijuana pizza and get stoned the way you have always fantasized.

6 Tips for Taking Better Photos of Children [Infographic]

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6 Tips for Better Photos of Children


Credit Card Processing in QuickBooks should not cost you an arm and a leg!

Why is Intuit credit card processing traditionally so expensive?

Intuit benefits from using a three-tiered pricing structure for most of its customers.  Essentially, this lumps all 350+ types of credit cards into just three categories, each of which are assigned a single price.  The price isn’t exactly an average, as it’s always padded with a markup, so a processor employing that fee structure stands to profit nicely from your business.  But, it’s simple, so it seems better than the alternative, a bunch of numbers and cryptic card descriptors.  (You thought NQUAL was bad to look at?  Try looking at a detailed statement.)  The Intuit credit card processing tiers look like this:

QUAL – Qualified transactions

This category is for debit cards. Regulated debit cards are always very cheap for a processor to accept, just 0.05%. That means if you accept a $10,000 transaction, it costs a processor just $5. However, with Intuit credit card processing, you’re charged around 1.5%–sometimes as high as 1.69%–for those transactions. For the same $10,000 transaction on a debit card, Intuit would charge $169. At worst, that’s a 3280% percent price increase.

MQUAL – Mid-Qualified transactions

You’ll find consumer-type rewards cards here. These are more expensive than debit cards, in the neighborhood of 1%-1.5%. For a $10,000 transaction at 1.5%, your processor would charge you $150 plus a nominal markup. However, with Intuit credit card processing, those cards cost about 2.5%, sometimes as high as 2.69%. That means for the same $10,000 transaction, Intuit would charge $269. At worst, that’s a 79% increase.

NQUAL – Non-Qualified transactions

This slot is reserved for the most expensive credit cards: business-type, corporate-type, and government-type purchasing cards. They usually cost around 1.9%-2.6% to accept, so, for a $10,000 transaction, you might pay $260. With Intuit credit card processing, you’re charged a premium for these cards, anywhere from 3.4-3.96%. Worst case scenario: you pay $396; that’s a 52% price increase.

With pricing like that, it’s easy to see why so many search for an alternative to Intuit credit card processing.  For reference, the names of the tiers don’t mean much–they’re just made-up categories.  (It seems appropriate to mention at this point that Intuit did not create the three-tiered pricing structure; they’re just following a very successful format proven over the years.)

Look for alternatives to Intuit credit card processing:

Whether a current Intuit Payment Solutions customer or a business owner planning to utilize QuickBooks credit card processing, you need look no further for an Intuit merchant services alternative.  Lesser known companies such as eBizCharge can qualify your credit card transactions at optimized interchange levels, which means you get the best base prices for all types of credit cards–especially business-type cards and government spending cards–all the time, automatically.  With this in mind, you can rest assured you get the lowest prices and the most convenient solution available.